Cervical Cranial Junction

=Work on treating your cervical cranial junction disorders in Centennial, CO, by partnering with Dr. Mindy Hendrick of Clarity Chiropractic.

What Are Cervical Cranial Junction Disorders?

The cervical cranial junction refers to the part of the body where the base of the skull and upper cervical spine meet. That part of the body is also referred to as the craniocervical junction.

Due to its position inside the body, issues affecting the craniocervical junction produce physical and neurological symptoms. Craniocervical junction disorders may cause significant neck pain and headaches.

Those are the main symptoms of a craniocervical junction disorder, but you may also experience additional issues. Some patients with this condition also complain about stiffness and muscle weakness. At times, people with a craniocervical junction disorder may also experience numbness. You may even have difficulty maintaining your balance due to the aforementioned condition.

Craniocervical junction disorders may emerge for different reasons. In some cases, the issue affecting the cervical cranial junction is a congenital issue that has remained unaddressed thus far. You may also develop craniocervical issues due to traumatic injuries that damage the bones and ligaments near that region of your musculoskeletal system.

Conditions that develop later in life may also share blame for your craniocervical junction disorder. Growths within that area may alter the positioning of your bones and ligaments. Rheumatoid arthritis is another condition that can play a role in your diagnosis.

Regardless of why you have a cervical cranial junction problem, you must address it immediately. Going to a chiropractor for treatment is highly recommended if you are dealing with that disorder.

Receive treatment for your cervical cranial junction disorder in Centennial, CO, by partnering with Dr. Hendrick of Clarity Chiropractic.

How Will a Chiropractor Treat Your Cervical Cranial Junction Disorder?

An accurate diagnosis is always essential to effective treatment, but that matters even more when dealing with issues related to the cervical cranial junction. Expect your chiropractor to be very thorough during the diagnostic process. They will ask you questions about your condition and conduct examinations to ascertain the nature of your health problem.

Once the diagnostic process is finished, Dr. Hendrick will begin treatment. Specialized chiropractic adjustments are especially effective for treating craniocervical junction disorders. By adjusting the positioning of the structures in the craniocervical junction, your chiropractor can release the pressure on your nerves, muscles, and connective tissues. Any neck pain you’ve been experiencing should subside after that.

Your chiropractor can also teach you exercises that will help with injury prevention. Perform them regularly to keep your neck and spine healthy.

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