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Kids need chiropractic too! Dr. Hendrick holds a certification in chiropractic pediatrics because she understands that kids need care just as much as adults. Dr. Hendrick adjusted her daughter within the first 10 minutes of her life and she has had regular care since then. Her daughter has never had a need for an antibiotic and lives a full vibrant life. It is not uncommon for kids who get adjusted regularly to get sick less frequently than those who don't get adjusted. Often, moms bring their babies in for their wellness check because mom has been getting adjusted throughout pregnancy and realizes the benefit. Pediatricians may refer babies for problems including torticollis, acid reflux, sleeping issues, fussiness, or nursing difficulties. Correcting a misalignment in the baby’s upper neck can make a big difference for the baby, and the whole family when it is resolved. Research and clinical experience show that chiropractic is safe and effective for children from a very young age. Kids typically like getting adjusted. Toddlers sometimes need a few visits to warm up and get used to being in the office. Bringing a lovey or stuffed animal can help them to feel comfortable. Many teddy bears have been adjusted to show their human exactly what to expect.

Older kids are often seen for pain, postural distortions, concentration, constipation, behavioral issues, headaches, and more. We start to see these types of problems in elementary school and beyond. Tweens and teens also do well with chiropractic care. Tech neck is a big problem in this age group. Sports injuries are also more likely and stress can be a major factor. It is rewarding to see self-responsibility when your teenager communicates that they need to go get adjusted because they know they will feel better!

Chiropractic is great at any stage and any age. The specific care plan and adjustment are tailored to your child’s needs.

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